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sbobet hiring AdvertisementImage: Shoppa CartMade from recyclable plastic, the Shoppa Cart looks like one of those plastic organizational bins you keep in the back of your car to prevent wiper fluid and gym shoes from sliding all over the place while you drive. But it features a set of folding legs with wheels that can be lowered and locked into place as you remove the bin from your car, not unlike a rolling stretcher as it鈥檚 being removed from an ambulance. In seconds it goes from a plastic bin to a fully functional shopping cart you can wheel directly into a store with the peace of mind of knowing that only you鈥檝e handled it, not hundreds of shoppers before you.AdvertisementAdvertisementIt鈥檚 not quite as capacious as the giant carts your grocery store loans out, but the Shoppa Cart can be accessorized with a bottom shelf, as well as cup holders and a phone holder, and it even has a secret compartment for stashing your wallet and keys if you don鈥檛 have the pockets to hold them yourself. When you鈥檝e checked out at the end of your shopping trip, you can wheel the Shoppa Cart right up to your vehicle and slide it on in without emptying it as the wheels retract in the process. It also means that when you get home, instead of schlepping bags into the house or up to your apartment, you can wheel the Shoppa Cart right into your kitchen to put everything away.According to an Oct. 22 update on the Shoppa Cart鈥檚 Kickstarter page, it鈥檚 finally ready to move into production and its creators are confident that it could be shipped out to the earliest backers by late December. For the rest of us, early 2021 is probably a more accurate estimate of when one would arrive, but the good (?) news is that a covid-19 vaccine almost certainly won鈥檛 be available by then, and a BYO shopping cart will still be an excellent idea for those still playing it as safe as they can. With a price tag of around 0, it鈥檚 nowhere near as cheap as the shopping buggies senior citizens drag to stores with them. But even if and when the current pandemic is over, there will always be yearly flus and colds going around, and I, for one, am聽eager to never touch another shopping cart ever again.

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    sbobet hiring The US Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) added seven Chinese aerospace electronics and related entities to its Entity List on Wednesday, restricting tech exports to them from US companies. BIS stated that the entities perform activities contrary to US national security and foreign policy interests by utilizing American tech “in support of Chinas military modernization efforts. According to BISs announcement, six out of the seven entities are technically research institutions, at least by name, that focus on aerotechnics, including both hardware and software. An analyst familiar with the field told Caixin that five of the seven entities listed had experience in aerospace semiconductor development, suggesting that the US is aiming to contain Chinas development in this industry. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) 9th Academy 772 Research Institute, for example, develops over 20 types of chips and 600 models used for airspace and military projects, according to Caixin. The latest addition brings the total number of Chinese entities on the list to 600, with more than 100 added since the start of the Biden administration. [Caixin, in Chinese]

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