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ceo of betpawa Rakkar Digital is a Singapore-based company providing digital asset custodian services to institutional and enterprise clients across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.Rakkar Digital has obtained TSCP License in Hong Kong.Rakkar Digital launched custodian services immediately after receiving the license.Rakkar Digital has announced the launch of Rakkar Digital Asset Custodian, powered by Fireblocks MPC-CMP direct custody technology. Fireblocks, Collider and MarketAcross hosted a Web3 startups event at the beginning of the year.The announcement comes right on the heels of Rakkar Digital obtaining a Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) Licence in Hong Kong. The company completed a million seed funding investment in June 2022 by SCB 10X, the venture capital arm of Siam Commercial Bank.Rakkar Digital Asset Custodian servicesRakkar Digital addresses the vulnerability to cyber threats within the digital asset industry as the industry grows by providing institutional-grade qualified custodian services to its clients.As a TCSP licensee, Rakkar Digital must comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance (AMLO). This ensures that due diligence requirements are met, and proper safeguards are in place to prevent money laundering or terrorist financing activities.Commenting on the development, Arthit Sriumporn, founder and CEO of Rakkar Digital, said:From day one, we had a strong passion to build reliable infrastructure for the industry. We have come a long way with the launch of our institutional-grade qualified custodian services. We will continue to improve our products and services based on our core values: trust, security and authenticity. These milestones demonstrate our commitment to providing secure and reliable digital asset custodian services to institutional clients in the region.The Rakkar Digital Asset Custodian is built on cutting-edge technology and robust security measures with Fireblocks ultra-secure MPC-CMP technology, and hardware isolation enabling multi-layer security while maintaining flexibility.

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    ceo of betpawa The US Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) added seven Chinese aerospace electronics and related entities to its Entity List on Wednesday, restricting tech exports to them from US companies. BIS stated that the entities perform activities contrary to US national security and foreign policy interests by utilizing American tech “in support of Chinas military modernization efforts. According to BISs announcement, six out of the seven entities are technically research institutions, at least by name, that focus on aerotechnics, including both hardware and software. An analyst familiar with the field told Caixin that five of the seven entities listed had experience in aerospace semiconductor development, suggesting that the US is aiming to contain Chinas development in this industry. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) 9th Academy 772 Research Institute, for example, develops over 20 types of chips and 600 models used for airspace and military projects, according to Caixin. The latest addition brings the total number of Chinese entities on the list to 600, with more than 100 added since the start of the Biden administration. [Caixin, in Chinese]

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